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The personal homepage of a Djinn

A personal website detailing original works, Nintendo fandom stuff, art, writing, game making...

Well, once it's updated, that is...


2/22/22: Added Water Blue.

2/12/22: FINISHED 2021 rkgk.

2/5/22: Almost finished 2021 rkgk OTL

1/31/22: Added traditional art.

1/12/22: Added rakugaki.

1/10/22: Added digital art 2019-2021.

1/9/22: Added digital art 2014-2018.

1/8/22: Added all pixel art info.

1/4/22: Made pixel art page.

1/2/22: About and Stamps pages created.

1/1/22: New version of the site is created.